Off the beaten track

Our regular tours are not what you are looking for? Good: we also offer a wide array of specific tours and services:

  • Tours a la carte, where you pick your ingredients, and we cook the menu together.
  • Out off the beaten track destinations and activities, such as a visit to a high-quality alpaca ranch, an activity to discover the honey production in Chile, underground dinners, and some exotic destinations you will hardly find in guidebooks.
  • e-bike tours: An innovative way to discover Santiago, Easter Island and San Pedro de Atacama.
  • Seasonal tours, such as Harvest tours, excursions to the Flowered Desert, among others.
  • Group tours for students.
  • Special tours and activities for companies, seminars, etc.

Please contact us for more information, and check our blog and Facebook page to learn about our current and upcoming tours and activities.

The Exclusive Private tour of Alpacas, Wine & Chilean Countryside

We will lead you to the best alpaca ranch in Chile, where you will have a chance to see discover the animals, their breeding, see the workshops where the fiber is made, and the final high-quality products. Beside this, we will drive through the rural Aconcagua valley, in which you can choose between the following options: - drive all the way up to the famous ski station of Portillo, in the Andes mountain range - visit a very traditional winery, lost in time - have a fun activity and create your own bottle of wine - hike under the palm trees of La Campana National Park

The Refreshing Private tour of Fishermen Towns, Beaches & Sealife

Feeling like getting out of the city? This is the perfect option: an entire day visiting the coast north of Valparaiso, featuring high natural dunes, a beautiful rocky coastal road, a couple of quaint fishermen towns and beautiful beach resorts, wild animals such as the Humboldt penguins, the sealions and the pelicans, and of course, great seafood! Very suitable for kids.

The Oxygenating Private tour of Cajon Del Maipo & Hotsprings

For those who want to get out of Santiago and see a bit of the mountains, there are several options. Indeed, the capital city is right at the foot of the Andes. In just a couple of hours or less, you can reach the ski stations of Farellones, Valle Nevado, or the more famous and scenic resort or Portillo. However, the best place to discover the Andes from Santiago, in my opinion, is Cajon del Maipo. This area combines the charm of the traditional Chilean countryside, with majestic landscapes as we drive up the valley.