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Customized tours for a great Chile experience


Flexibility, knowledge, humor: this is what Chile Private Tours offers with our personalized tours in English, French or Spanish. Our company is currently ranked #1 tour activity in the Viña del Mar area in both TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Our tours provide the insights of Thomas Poussard, a French journalist and writer who lives and works in Chile since 2006, and of a small group of expert English­speaking guides.

In Thomas’ words: “I fell in love with the country and… one of her habitants. I am passionate about the country’s culture, history and gorgeous landscapes. This passion is what my colleagues and I want to share with you, visitors from all over the world, when we show you around. And when I plan an itinerary for you, I do it just as if it was for myself or for my friends. This is my commitment to you: that my team and I will guide you with the same enthusiast than if we were good friends.”

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